How does PRE4CLE do its work?

PRE4CLE provides resources and strategic leadership to accelerate the availability of high-quality preschool, by increasing quality, expanding high-quality preschool slots, and connecting families to high-quality preschool opportunities.

For providers, PRE4CLE provides connections to professional development, teacher education, and technical assistance opportunities to strengthen their quality. PRE4CLE also partners with high-quality providers, called PRE4CLE Providers, to increase expansion and support outreach to parents.

PRE4CLE Providers have:

  • Environments that are fun, welcoming, safe and caring,
  • Staff and teachers who are well trained and professional,
  • Curriculum based in research with lesson plans for each day’s activities,
  • Educational activities to prepare your child for kindergarten,
  • Creative and imaginative play to inspire a lifelong love of learning, and
  • Feedback about your child’s learning and progress.

All PRE4CLE Providers also have at least three out of five stars from Ohio’s Step Up To Quality Rating systems.

For families, PRE4CLE is raising awareness about the critical importance of high-quality preschool, and connecting families with the tools and resource to find the right preschool for their child.


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