Provider Spotlight: Salvation Army Ohio City

Salvation Army Ohio City embraces a philosophy that supports the whole child. Because of the Salvation Army’s existing system as a support agency for families, children, and people in need, the preschool inside the Ohio City location can quickly transition families in need of assistance into other Salvation Army programs through a social worker.

When it comes to education, Salvation Army Ohio City focuses on teaching children to love to learn and to be inquisitive by fostering intellectual, social, and emotional growth in their students. The 4-star rated site employs bilingual teachers with degrees and licences in education and years of experience teaching children. The teachers work with a curriculum and are able to provide an enriching experience for their students by being in tune with their needs and working closely with the children and their families. Site administrator Lucy Conant says, “Everyone who works here is devoted to our kids and that makes a difference—it is passion.”

Salvation Army Ohio City partners with The Music Settlement to provide year-round arts program with music education and music therapy. They also partner with the Fulton and Carnegie West branches of the Cleveland Public Library, Metrowest CDC, Positive Education Program (PEP), and Clark, Joseph Gallagher, and Thomas Jefferson schools to provide academic supports and family activities.

Last year, Salvation Army Ohio City received a Classroom Start-Up Grant from PRE4CLE. Site administrator Lucy Conant describes the grant as “the best thing that ever happened to us.” The grant allowed them to add a classroom to serve additional children and to renovate their existing classrooms, including purchasing new materials and technology. Conant says they were thoughtful with their purchases and focused on materials and improvements that would last. “It made a world of difference and will have a lasting effect.” she said, “We bought things that we knew would sustain our program over the next ten years.”

Salvation Army Ohio City is a 4-Star rated preschool site in Stockyard near Ohio City. It serves 3- to 5-year-olds Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., year-round.


August 2, 2017


Michelle Connavino

Michelle Connavino

Michelle Connavino is the Operations & Outreach Specialist for PRE4CLE, Cleveland's plan to expand access to high-quality preschool.

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