The PRE4CLE Plan 2016

Since PRE4CLE developed its original Plan, there have been both policy and funding shifts in the early childhood landscape in Cleveland and at the state and national levels. Along with those external factors, several of the initial benchmarks set for PRE4CLE expired at the end of 2016.

PRE4CLE, under the guidance of its governing body, the Early Childhood Compact, has thoroughly reviewed the original PRE4CLE Plan and refreshed its strategies, goals, and benchmarks based on these dynamics and the work done during the past three years.

In this document, we highlight the major changes that are reflected throughout the updated Plan, share our new benchmarks, and provide detailed goals and strategies for all of PRE4CLE’s Ten Plan Elements.

View the original PRE4CLE Plan.

  Download 2016 PRE4CLE Plan.

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