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PRE4CLE and partners across the state are beginning to engage gubernatorial candidates around early childhood issues. Our partners at Groundwork Ohio have put together a website devoted to this issue, including a reference manual for candidates.



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  • First Five Years Fund 2017 National Poll

    Political division and polarization have become more extreme, yet one issue unites American voters across party lines: early childhood education. 

    According to a national poll from the First Five Years Fund, every single early learning proposal tested—including expanding the federal partnership with states and communities through grants to improve access to preschool, tripling the current child care tax credit, and even providing greater funding for programs like Head Start—received overwhelming voter support regardless of partisan affiliation.

    In fact, 79% of voters—including 80% of Trump voters and 79% of Clinton voters—want Congress and the administration to work together to improve the quality of child care and preschool, and make it more affordable for parents.

    See the results. Visit and get all of the results, along with tools that you can use to share them.

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  • Child Care NOW!

    Child Care NOW is a campaign of child care advocates and allies developed by the National Women’s Law Center focused on raising awareness among policymakers and the public about the child care challenges facing America today, including affordability, quality, and provider compensation. Child Care NOW provides tools and resources to a diverse group of stakeholders to take action to elevate child care as a national priority. Together with a community of leaders and allies, Child Care NOW aims to convince policymakers to make a significant financial investment to expand access to high-quality child care, enabling parents to work and giving children access to the high-quality care they need to succeed.

  • 2016 Annual Report

    PRE4CLE made significant strides in the past two years to increase the availability of high-quality preschool in Cleveland neighborhoods and the number of children enrolled in those preschool seats. This second annual report outlines these accomplishments.

      Download 2016 PRE4CLE Annual Report.

  • Groundwork Ohio 2018-2019 Budget Priority
  • Groundwork Ohio Case for Support 2017
  • 2018-2019 Budget Priorities

    PRE4CLE is currently advocating for our priorities to be included in the state’s budget. Download 2018-2019 Budget Priorities.

  • PRE4CLE for Policymakers

    This resource helps policymakers understand the importance of preschool and what PRE4CLE is doing to support preschool in Cleveland. Download PRE4CLE for Policymakers.



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